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Sample Syllabus; here is some of what you will learn:

Basic Canine Veterinary Sciences: How many teeth does a dog have? How do you take a dogs temperature? How do you detect a dog’s heart beat? Does a hot nose mean anything? Can you get worms from a dog? What vaccines does your dog need? How do you restrain an injured dog? How do you stop a dog from trying to bite? Includes Emergency K9 Restraint Techniques, Dog Bite Prevention, Basic K9 Anatomy and Physiology, Parasitology, Immunizations, Sanitation, K9 Nutrition and more.

Basic Obedience Dog Training and Problem Solving. Besides sit, stay, down, come and heel you will learn the secrets to house breaking a dog over night, how to read a dog, the differences among breeds, how to use different training equipment, socialization stages, canine senses, how to teach tricks and more. You will learn to evaluate aggression and solve dog problems such as jumping, chewing, pulling, barking, biting and more.

Basic Protection Dog Training: protection equipment, the set up for protection training, handling the trained protection dog, understanding aggression and its drivers, protection training mechanics and agitation are all taught and more. You will handle and train protection dogs and learn to take a bite.

Basic Business Principals: how to open a dog training business, keep records, teach a lesson, advertise, make a sale and answer the phone.

This is just an example of the course curriculum. Please contact us for more information.

Applicants accepted into the Canine Companions K-9 BodyGuard Protection Trainer Program, after satisfactorily completing the entire course of training, will join the ranks of one of the premier organizations for the training of Protection K-9’s and Professional K-9 BodyGuard Protection Dog Trainers.

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*The Professional K-9 BodyGuard Protection Trainers Course is taught exclusively by Canine Companions.