Don’t Go Unprotected
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One of our Expert K-9 BodyGuard Trainers will come to your home and do a simple evaluation (similar to the one you’ll see in the video below). Within a just a few minutes you’ll know without question if your dog will protect you or your home when the time comes. Get your dog trained and certified to be a Canine BodyGuard, a CCB dog. Canine Companions BodyGuard Dog Training.

Actually, it’s simple: barking is not enough!

Most dogs won’t protect you or your home against an intruder … until they have been properly trained.

In the video below that aired on CBS News in the fall of 2013 homeowner after homeowner watched as their dogs failed to protect them or their homes.


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With proper training 99% of all dogs
become better home protectors …
even those that initially fail when put to the test

Once we evaluate your dog in your home, and you’ve seen the response you can expect for yourself we can discuss your options for training with you. If you decide that you would like us to, we can begin immediately to help you train your dog to become the protector you want so you can feel safe again.


Just as important as having a dog that will protect you or your home in an emergency, you want the peace of mind to know that you’re not living with a time-bomb set to explode without warning. Before we agree to train any dog for protection we first verify it’s suitability, and if for any reason we determine that it is unsuited for protection training we will tell you exactly why, what you need to know and refuse to proceed with the training. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

Don’t Go Unprotected
For Another Day … Email Us Now For An In-Home Evaluation

Click Here to Email Us

(You’ll hear back from us within 30 minutes or less) 

Prepare your dog to defend himself, your property and your family. A trained dog can detect an armed intruder. We come to you – days, evenings or weekends… in your home, at your convenience. Trained dogs for sale. Call 866.438.8759.

[NOTE: Unlike some other fly by night operators we have been training family protection dogs and their owners for over 40 years.]

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